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Photo Gallery and Floor Plans

The gorgeous new construction is located next to the bayshore street and is very close to the beach. It is also in a close distance from downtown and the famous Pomorie SPAs. Most of the apartments have large balconies, which provide a very significant view to the Black Sea.
Pomorie - View 1

View 1
1500x1000px (JPG, 297KB)
Pomorie - View 2

View 2
1500x1000px (JPG, 291KB)
Pomorie - View 3

View 3
1545x1000px (JPG, 328KB)

Floor Plan of 2nd and 3rd storeys
1387x1000px (JPG, 411KB)

Floor Plan of 4th story
1386x1000px (JPG, 366KB)

Floor Plan of 5th story
1387x1000px (JPG, 395KB)

Floor Plan of the Ground Floor
1386x1000px (JPG, 272KB)